Kirk Ellison Studio


Kirk Ellison

Kirk Ellison was born in Ventura, California in 1969. He earned a BFA in design and photography in 1995. He continues learning from what he calls "the best teachers; experience, and one's own creative process.”

An early fascination with the wonders of nature, and the visual world, spurred his interest towards art. He began learning photography at the age of ten, and had committed himself at that young age to an eventual career within that discipline he calls “the study of light”. He studied art design throughout his formative years, and began his career in commercial photography. The commercial work gave him the arena to practice lighting skills, and develop his own unique style, and approach towards his subjects. 

From his zeal to create fine art, his affection for nature, along with his studio lighting skills, he began creating surreal images of flowers. In the studio he manipulates the light to accentuate the shape and texture of his subjects, sculpting those elements through lighting and exposure; creating images with a unique illusion of dimension. All of his photographic work on this site displayed as "light sculpture" are created the "old school" analog way; using only lights, camera, and film. No digital manipulation whatsoever was used in the capture or creation of this work. 

Many people respond to his work wanting to touch it to see if it is truly flat or three dimensional as it appears to be. There is a visual journey one begins when looking at his work. A journey characterized in the attention to details, the dimensional intrigue and inviting compositions of the art. His endeavor towards any subject is to "capture the quintessential essence of the subject, and create truly unique images of timeless allure". 

Oil and Acrylic painting on canvas along with mixed media projects are other mediums Mr. Ellison uses to explore his subject matter. The works displayed on this site were inspired by his macro photographic reference studies of flowers and butterflies from which he seeks to communicate beautiful abstract, sensual and evocative expression.