Kirk Ellison Studio


In order to realize the most beautiful aspects of the subjects special studio lighting and exposure is used to accentuate color, form, and texture.  All the artwork is created photographically; just lights, camera and film without any digital post-production manipulation whatsoever. The unique style of this work is achieved in the way light is used to illuminate the translucent textural features of the subjects, and enhance the illusion of depth, dimension and ethereal form by blending some of the background light with the foreground subject through the lighting and exposure techniques utilized. 

When you break it down to what these pieces are about, you will find yourself immersed in the powerful elements of design.  The first impact is obviously color, the most powerful element of design, followed by the illusion of three-dimensional form, and then the intrigue of the myriad of organic textures. The work is designed to pull the viewer into all of these elements and captivate them in the wonder and beautiful complexity of creative design found in nature.  To show them the splendor of creation in simple things in a way they may not have experienced.

Most of these works are available as limited editions with a clean, contemporary, and unique presentation. The work is offered on Cibachrome or Fujiflex bonded onto aluminum plate, or as gallery wrapped Giclee prints on canvas. 

Cibachome is the most archival, color saturated, and luminous photographic material on the planet.  It has a chrome layer which reflects light making the art appear self illuminating, like it has it's own built in light source. The color dyes of Cibachrome are also unique in their brilliance, saturation, and archival nature, with a stability that rivals oils, and acrylics in their integrity. Once produced, the Cibachrome is bonded to aluminum plate, and laminated with a high quality UV coated lamination in either a matte, or glossy surface.  Cibachrome images mounted this way are museum quality, and will last for centuries.  Unfortunately due to the expensive nature of the material, Cibachrome is no longer available for production, and availability is limited to inventory in stock.  However, there is a similar material called Fujiflex that has the same chrome look and luminosity, and will serve as the replacement for Cibachrome.

Giclee on canvas is another beautiful option to choose when purchasing this work for your home or office.  It is also much less expensive to produce than Cibachrome or Fujiflex, and that savings is reflected in the prices.  All the Giclee on canvas works are gallery wrapped on sturdy 1 ½ “ wood stretcher bars that come wired ready to hang.  No need to worry about additional framing since the gallery wrap look has a finished and clean aesthetic.