Kirk Ellison Studio


Making a purchase...

You can make online purchases for many of my pieces as giclee on canvas or acrylic prints at

When you want to place an orde for any of the limited edition Cibachrome on metalr, please click the email link on this page: or on the contact page to email me requarding your interest and inquiry.  I will respond to your emails and get back to you as quickly as possible.

As you see from the portfolio pages there are a variety of options available to you regarding visual orientation, size, and presentation.  Simply let me know what images you like the most, and the size you need so I’ll be able to accommodate you.

There are different sizing and pricing structures in place between the Cibachrome editions on aluminum and the Giclee editions on canvas.  Below I’ve listed the basic options available for both types of editions.  Please let me know if you have any questions about these options so you can determine which ones suit you best.


Giclee on Canvas Presentation Price
10x13" /  9x14" / 12x12" 1 & 1/2" Gallery Wrapped Canvas $265
15x18" / 14x20" / 16x16" 1 & 1/2" Gallery Wrapped Canvas $395
21x26" / 18x28" / 24x24" 1 & 1/2" Gallery Wrapped Canvas $625
31x37" / 26x41" / 36x36" 1 & 1/2" Gallery Wrapped Canvas $975


Cibachrome Presentation Final Size Price
5x7" 8x10" white mat board 8x10" $75
11x14" / 11x11" flush mount on metal 11x14" / 11x11" $500
11x14" / 11x11" silver border on metal 16x20" / 16x16" $750
11x20" flush mount on metal 11x20" $800
11x20" silver border on metal 15x24" $1,250
16x20" flush mount on metal 16x20" $900
16x20" silver border on metal 22x26" $1,250
20x24" / 20x20" flush mount on metal 20x24" / 20x20" $1,500
20x24" / 20x20" silver border on metal 27x32" / 28x28" $2,250
18x32" / 24x30" flush mount on metal 18x32" / 24x30" $2,500
18x32" / 24x30" silver border on metal 24x38" / 32x39" $3,000
30x40" / 30x30" flush mount on metal 30x40" / 30x30" $3,500
30x40" / 30x30" silver border on metal 40x50" / 39x39" $4,500
30x51" flush mount on metal 30x51" $4,500
30x51" silver border on metal 38x60" / 41x61" $6,000
40x50" / 40x40" flush mount on metal 40x50" / 40x40" $6,000